Map caption with image

Has anyone managed to get their map to display a caption that has an image attached to it (see below image). I’ve seen multiple old posts concluding it isn’t possible, however, I’m hoping someone has now managed to implement this, either natively or not and that it’s not yet another head-scratching limitation of Bubble.

I know I could use a popup, however, they don’t work well with my current design and causes really annoying UX issues. Additionally, I’m trying to give my application a more contemporary look.

Willing to pay to get this done

Do you mean like a pop-up that is linked to a marker on the map?

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Exactly! As displayed on the image. This is a big deal for me. Here is a live example:

When you click the link, select the map view and you’ll see what I’m trying to do exactly.

I think you just need to add a Workflow (“When Map marker is clicked”)

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I’m a bit confused. The behavior I see in the link you provided is different from what’s shown in the image of your original post. Initially, I thought this might be what you’re after.

EDIT: Ah, I see now that I’m on mobile. (The behavior is different on desktop.) Also, isn’t there a plugin with enhanced GMap capabilities?

Hi @caioprezia,
Thank you for your response, I may have confused you. I have mentioned in the original post, I can’t use an actual popup, I need to be able to send an image to the map caption (there’s a difference see below link). The last post on this topic was in 2017, and nearly three years on it still doesn’t seem possible.

Ah yes @sudsy, I didn’t realise it was different on desktop. I need it to behave like the mobile version not the desktop version. For desktop, here is another example:

As you can see, the example shows how a dynamic image and some text has been sent to Google’s built in map caption instead of an actual popup.

God I hope so! I can’t seem to find anything. For some reason, I can only send text to the map caption not an image.

Once again, I’m willing to pay for this functionality if it’s possible. I really do hope it’s not another limitation. Seems relatively simple to do.

I’m facing the same difficulties @jamesbond and I tested all the plug-ins related to maps. Image on the caption would be great, also need that.

Also, one thing that I really need is cluster on the map. When you have 2 people on the same location it shows “2”

I’m also willing to pay for this.

@AliFarahat we talked a while ago about this remember?

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Just DM you

Yes, check this out.

If you’re still in need, message me, and we can discuss packaging it into a “minimally invasive” plugin, by which I mean the plugin would simply “augment” a Google Map object, and native Bubble techniques would be used to add content (including images) to the marker caption.

Are you by chance on Windows?


@sudsy You’ve really hit the nail on the head with this. I’m very interested - shoot me a DM

Hey @jamesbond

did you try the google maps extended plugin. There is a workflow action that allows you to add a marker or list of markers with infowindows that can hold images, text and so on…

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@caioprezia said he tried all available plugins to no avail, but @AliFarahat’s suggestion sounds like the way to go if that works. :+1:


I’ll give this a try

let me know if you need assistance :+1:

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Couldn’t really get it to work how I would like and also I want this to be more of a native function rather than adding more workflows to an already complex page of mine, @sudsy has offered an alternative. I’ll get back to this thread with updates

@jamesbond @sudsy @caioprezia Any luck? I am looking for the same exact functionality! I want the end user to take pictures and have the exact address automatically populate on the pic…kinda like instagram, but at the top of the photo, only automatic with the exact address. The user snapping the photo needs to essentially prove the location the photo was taken in a way that can’t be manipulated.

Hi @Lotusbuddafly,

I don’t know if it will suit your needs, but you can check out…

Not sure that’s possible. I think photo metadata can easily be manipulated by someone with a bit of savvy.

Marker Mate doesn’t do anything related to photos, metadata, or uploading specifically. It simply allows HTML in the marker caption window. That HTML can reference images in the database though. You’ll have to decide if it’s suitable for your application.

If you have any questions, let me know.

I figured out a way to do this… its easy to build the html in the marker box… tricky part is getting it to display as html and not text… I used a jquery plugin to detect when marker is inserted in the page (when you click a marker… inserts div with class infowindow-content) Here is the jquery plugin… GitHub - pie6k/jquery.initialize: jQuery plugin for dynamically created elements initialization… then insert jquery code to initialize the object and this function …
$.initialize(“.infowindow-content”, function() {
var wintext=$(document.getElementsByClassName(“infowindow-content”))
document.getElementsByClassName(“infowindow-content”)[0].innerHTML= $.parseHTML(wintext[0].innerHTML)[0].textContent

This will convert the text display that bubble maps inserts and converts it to display html! now you can build ANYTHING in your pop up from your bubble thing :slight_smile:

I was searching this same thing and came up with a solution.

I am using the “marker mate” plugin.

From the map edit function, under the “marker caption” is where the magic happens. I just inserted html in between the image and end.

See my attached pictures. Now when selecting a pin, the popup opens. When clicking the picture, it will redirect to the specified page with more details.