Can Bubble be used to customize another application

There is an e-commerce platform called Lemonstand.
This link has their feature set.
It mentions

  • Complete design control to create a unique brand experience
  • Customizable checkouts with no redirects to optimize conversion
  • Use Bootstrap, React, Angular, or any other front-end framework
  • Free LemonSync tool for quicker local development and workflow
  • Powerful theming engine using the popular Twig language
  • Free open source themes can be adapted to fit any design

Can Bubble be used as a tool to customize this platform?

Unfortunately, no. Bubble is a walled-garden that doesn’t have any sort of real import/export options for applications or code. If it’s built in Bubble, it stays in Bubble (though you can get your data exported). If you built it elsewhere, you have to re-build in Bubble to get access to its editor and features.

Well, they have an API… I don’t know what it enables, but they have one. So, there’s something one could do.

Could have a Bubble page in an iframe.
Plus there’s REST API, webhooks and zapier.

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