Is this possible to add a list based on constraints that are a few list levels in?

I’m wondering if it is possible to do a search for database that is 2 or 3 lists levels in?

For example: database USER has a list of COURSES. COURSES consist of a list of GRADE (e.g. grade 11), NAME OF THE COURSE (e.g. Math) and whether or not the COURSE is currently being taken by the USER (Yes/No).

I would like to create a list consisting of all the USERS that has “Math” education of GRADE “11” or higher, but not if the USER is currently taking this COURSE (ie. the data field CURRENT COURSE = NO).

In my app, “Math” and “11” are both input fields. I’ve tried to set the search constraints, but once I go into COURSES, I am not able to go deeper into the list, to select CURRENT COURSE = NO or GRADE is >11. Can anyone help please!?

hi, yes it is possible.

instead of using do a search for with constraint “User courses contains” select “advanced”
then you can do something like this users course contains … and …or

this will take some time to computer for long lists hence if this search is central to your app it is recommened to optimize your database so that as few nested searches / advanced filters have to be used as possible.

e.g. can the grade not be saved with the user?
can you save course names as a list of texts for user (then you can use search for users where list of course names contains Math etc.

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This. As often as you can :slight_smile:

Thanks. That’s a good tip indeed. But how do I not have the DB nested? All the DBs are corelated and dependent of each other… e.g. a COURSE need to be associated to the USERS that are subscribed to the COURSE.

And sorry, where do you select “Advanced”? (sorry, realize this is a complete noob question)

Completely avoiding nesting is very hard but just try to make datatypes or fields so that you do not have to check Xs Ys Zs as shown above but just Xs Ys

eg i have no advanced filters in my app (and above is just example)
you just search for tips whose categories contains selected category and filter contains selected filter and text contains what is inputted in search.

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