Is this possible with bubble? App like grab foods

A mobile or browser app like grab food.
A customer can login via their facebook account and fill up some details on what they want to order.
Like their location, details of what they want to order.

Then the staff will have separate login that can see what new orders available and they can pick it up. Once a staff pick it up it will have a status that the order is being fulfilled by the current staff.

Please let me know. Im new to bubble and want to know if this is possible.


Hey Kojakeugenio,

Welcome to Bubble :slight_smile: This is definitely possible.

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Thanks! Do you think it’s possible for it to become a native mobile app that they can install on their mobile?

Also i am checking your website and it always redirecting me here Im on my desktop browser.

Yepp! I have an app I built on Bubble in both stores (iOS not released, I’m still beta testing). There’s a pretty detailed forum here: Bubble + Jasonette (native mobile apps)

If you use Jasonette, it’ll work for both iOS/Android