Is this the right way to use "contains keyword(s)"?

Hey guys, I want to know if this is the right way to use the “contains keyword(s)” constraint:
Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 09.38.33

I need to retrieve any of these three variations.

an example:
contains keywords the cat is on the table

will match these value in the database (just some example):
cat table
CAT table
the cat is on the yellow table
the table is a cat
your cat is not a TABLE
I think my TaBLe is a Cat
one cat plus one cat equals a table
many cats on the table
tables cat
tables cats

but it will not match:
the cat is on the tablet
catss table
i just have one cat
the table is empty

I hope this helps :cat2::smile_cat:



You might be better off making the input lowercase, and then matching with a lowecased “skilled”.

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being this a database search wouldn’t “contains keywords skilled” be easier?
It will match any string with skilled regardless of the case without the need to transform the strings yourself.
I wonder how the speed of a search in a database is affected when using “contains keywords” :thinking:

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