Issue doesn't happen during debug


I still have this issue (post is locked so I have to create a new one) where intermittently my content won’t show up (as or inside a repeating group):

And sometimes it will show up (if I refresh a few times it might work):

The problem is that if I use debug mode I can’t replicate it.

So like @gerbertdelangen said in the previous post, it’s probably a timing issue or race condition type of thing but I found no way to figure out where it is or what it happens only some times and how to fix it. I have too many steps and workflows and almost none of them can use the “use results from the previous step” and even those that do, may not be the issue.

What can I do to figure this out?


Hello JayM,

Did you try “Display data” in this group when “Page is loaded”?
One time I was used “reset group” with “Do every 3 sec” in simmilar case. It works fine for me.

I am not sure what this is, or how to use it.

@JayM you can find it in bubble workflows

Do you have a link to share? So we can take a look ?

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