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Repeating group display bug

I have a display problem and I don’t know how to fix it.
When I create a repeating group and I launch the application in preview mode, the data is not displayed all the time. To display them, I have to click on buttons or load the screen one or more times.
I have this problem on mobile but also on pc.
I know it’s not a settings problem but a bug.
Can somebody help me please ?

Hi @adilsasse. Can you run the app in debug mode and see if the rg is visible and the data source is not empty using the inspect button at the bottom right corner?

Hi and thx for your answear.
Everything is ok in debug mode. But the data isn’t displayed until i click again.

Hello @adilsasse

Set up the RG properties box to display all the entries.

If on the current responsive engine just choose “full list”