Issue Finder: Search for User "Email" Not Possible - But I'm not searching for email

Hi there, has anyone encountered this issue?

Out of the blue, just this morning, I am receive issues in my Issues to Fix finder that state the following:

For one of the Search queries I did accidentally have a second sort by as “email” but have eliminated that, but the issue is still present and like 10 of them, even though Bubble is saying that there is no issue when I click the individual “issue lines” to follow where to the problem is, since everything is displaying all blue on Bubbles end.

Has anyone encountered this? All my searches have been by Username, so I’m a tad confused!

Is Bubble working on something in the backend that caused this to suddenly show up?


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I´m having the same issue with the email field. It has to be related to something the Bubble team did recently. Let´s file a bug report.

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Yes we were showing email as an option to sort on in the dropdown but that never worked so we removed it. If you see this message outside of a sorting situation please file a bug report

Hi @emmanuel, thanks for the reply (and for building this kick butt product! Butt isn’t a strong enough word, but I’m trying to keep it clean, ha).

So you are saying your team was experimenting with utilizing email as a sorting or field to search option. Just curious, as to why things didn’t work out there.

If I see any other discrepancies re sorting I’ll be sure to update the forum / you and your team.

We weren’t experimenting, we just forgot to filter out this option. Sorting on emails is tricky as it is stored in another way.

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