Can't sort users by email?

I’m trying to sort users by email (which in any other system) would just use the beginning of the email address to sort.

Email isn’t even an option in Bubble, why?

Edit: Oh and you can’t search by email address with any field contains, seriously?

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Email can’t used to sort directly, because of the way Bubble stores it. AIUI.

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Thanks Nigel,

I want to be able to sort the columns like you can do in literally ANY system. I want to be able to sort by first name/last name/email. As a software engineer I cannot for the life of me think of a reason why you wouldn’t allow sort or search by email. That is the most BASIC of feature in any application.

I’m very much regretting building this MVP with Bubble. There are so many limitations and after 10 years I don’t think they’re going to be fixing them.

Save the e-mail in another field (text type) in your user’s table and use this field to show and sorting :wink:

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yes, that’s what I’m doing now and its working. But it also means that im going to have to modify a bunch of my data types because you can’t access the details of a user in another datatype for sorting either, so it’s going to get messy very quickly.

It’s a pity, this will be my last project with bubble. Too many limitations.

I ended up going down the duplicate data route, less than ideal but it works and I can stop being a grump about it.

Bubble is not code and there will be different ways to do things and compromises.

Thanks for your suggestion.