Issue in Workflow

Under the workflow it says value should be number but it is text…Please see the attached images for reference.

I’m working with bubble for the very first time.
Please Help

You need to set the input field on the page to a type of number as well - you should try setting it to type ‘integer’.

Just something to consider, @thisidepuru… phone numbers aren’t really numbers, so you should think about deleting the phone number field in your screenshot and creating a new one as a text field. Not only will you be saving the phone number the “right” way, but you will also take care of the type mismatch between the phone number field and the input element.


Yeah… phone numbers are texts (not numbers), and the input element, when set to type phone number, will output a text value (handle the current type mismatch).

So get rid of your number field and replace it with a text field.