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[SOLVED] Question (+idea), error; value should be number but is text

I understand I get the error because of a mismatch of what’s given and expected but why does the workflow editor care? And how do you then make changes to DB field where a number is expected? Apparently I don’t understand the logics. In my mind I don’t see a different approach to text or number.

As error support, implement (add to) the reference material common error explanations and reasons why logical errors occur. That will help users understand why an error is presented. It will also alleviate “unnecessary” post to the forum.

It does care, because in run mode, if you try to put a text in a number fields, no one will be happy.

Yes correct. I meant more from a backend perspective.

I started typing up a big example but it then hit me (and this is what you’re pointing out when I read it again). I forgot about the input field’s content format. Obviously, it has to match what the workflow is expecting to see when a user enters a value in that field SO bubble can update the DB the correctly formated value.

I was only seeing that the workflow should receive a value, and not that it already was in a specific format.

Got it now. Doh. Thanks.