Live App Randomly Broken Again - Any Ideas?

I have been dealing with some weird bugs lately in Bubble. I’m just going to focus on this one since I have gone through it with a fine tooth comb and it’s a very simple page.

Here is just one issue. Has anyone else seen something similar?

I have a page that I can view on my desktop or iPad but it shows nothing on a phone. On my phone if I choose ‘request desktop site’ it will work on my phone.

Anyone else seeing similar issues like this? My other pages work fine. Just this one page. I haven’t updated this app in over three weeks. It was working fine last time I updated it.

You can see what I mean here:

Works only on desktop but not on a phone.

No text shows up at all. Just a white screen. I hate when things break over the weekend because I don’t hear back from Bubble for days. Maybe someone else has some ideas?

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Uhhh… ok, I see the issue too. This is SUPER weird. My app works fine on mobile though, I wonder what’s going on. It says their Support Email is monitored for Work Emergencies, I think this is considered one?

Yeah. But I did the bug report yesterday and still haven’t heard back. It’s been over 24 hours. :cry:

Can you think of anything that I might not have checked?

My first thought was somehow there was a mobile version that it was being redirected to. Not that.

Another idea is I thought things were being hidden after a certain width. Not that. It works on my phone when I request the desktop site.

Something else I should check?

That’d be exactly what I would do too. Hmm… it seems like the problem isn’t with the width of the device, but it’s with whatever Bubble is doing when the browser detects that the device you are on is a mobile device

Maybe send them an urgent email too?

Yeah. That’s what I’m thinking. I already sent an email directly to their support email too. Not sure what else to do. :man_shrugging:t2:

Yeah, no idea

I’m having this same exact issue just now. It works via web browser but my app that was natively wrapper is stuck on a white screen. It was working fine earlier and no changes.
Guys this is unacceptable this is already the 3rd outage/downtime since my professional plan. I have live users who will get turned away if they cannot use the app. Please do something about this

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@APOHP Can you also send a bug report and send an urgent email so they will at least have both our example to go off of?

Do you know when this started for you? How did you notice there was an issue? So glad I’m not the only one. Really frustrating to me too.

@Bubble can we get some support here? :blush:Also, can we pretty please have a better way of updating Bubble? (In a very kind voice) We shouldn’t have to worry about an app, that we haven’t touched in weeks, is working alright or not. Instead of pushing a lot of little ‘instantly live’ updates to our LIVE apps, maybe start using the update button like you do when you think it’s a breaking change? Then if something breaks we can revert it on our own? Please understand how frustrating it is for us to see our live apps down for days and being helpless to fix it on our own. At least if you use this other way, we can choose if we want our apps to be updated or not, and we can revert back if it’s a bad update that breaks our app. That way we can confidently let our apps continue to work when we don’t touch them for weeks/months at a time. Otherwise, we feel like we have to go into all the apps that we have created and check on them to see if things aren’t broken. Please understand that this is a serious issue. @eve @josh @emmanuel

Can Josh or Emmanuel please respond this time to understand why this is a continued issue? I feel like this is what separates Bubble from the ‘big boys’. I think this would be a game changer and bring Bubble up to the next level. I really want Bubble to succeed. Thanks for reading. :blush:

If CloudFlare crashed your site because of a bad update and didn’t respond to your emails and requests for over 24 hours, possibly the whole weekend, how would you guys feel? Would you guys start looking for a workaround or maybe even another option to host Bubble? Just an illustration to hopefully drive home the point. :blush:


@APOHP does the white screen go away if you ‘request desktop site’ on your mobile phone?

My app has started having frustrating responsive issues, and I have no idea what’s happened as I haven’t touched the app at all. @J805’s solution would be perfect, but @bubble is unlikely to care or do anything about it. This is one of many Bubble gripes slowly moving me to Wappler.

On my phone, I see a white screen for your app, but can see the page in “desktop mode” on the phone.

Ok got it to work on my phone. I had to change the URL to the root url for it to work. Maybe the stats page doesn’t work on mobile?

I saw the same thing with RE names (lowercase). However, after creating the RE, it does let me edit back to camelcase or anything else.

Hey @nocodeventure,

They do have a sort of list that explains what they have updated. I check this to try to pinpoint possible updates that may have broken my app. Check it out:

Is that what you mean when you say ‘changelog’?

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Hey @rukevweb,

What is your issue about responsiveness? Maybe I can help?

Hey @deadpoetnsp, thanks for the post and checking it out for me. The page used to work on mobile just fine. It actually works on my phone only when I click on ‘request desktop site’ and looks perfect. I’m not sure what the difference is or why it would work on one and not the other.

@rukevweb suggested there might be responsiveness issues going on, I might need to double check that, just in case I did something wrong on my end. I do see a weird thing happen on the mobile site, like something on it is not being responsive. Maybe that’s it.

We’re seeing this behavior, sorry about this. We’re investigating.


Thank you! :blush: I just had a response via email to my bug report saying that he couldn’t reproduce the issue. Same person I had trouble with before not actually understanding the issue. So I’m relieved to get this response here at least.

Thanks @emmanuel and I look forward to hopefully getting a response about my post above as well. About trying to fix these issues from happening.

I think it’s back up, can you confirm?

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