Issue of photo in downloading CSV file

I had created a CSV file and download it from bubble
Now i am facing this issue (getting image’s url instead of photo)
please suggest me how to solve it.

CSV files are just text, you can’t put a photo in the cell.

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ok so how can i export images as well
is there any other way?


@lindsay_knowcode Would there be anyway to add images to the cell when exporting an XLSX via your plugin?

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A CSV file is only text type of formatting - for Excel or Numbers or Google Sheets (or whatever is your preferred spreadsheet) you need to use a function to “tell” the cell to render the URL as an Image, not text. With G sheets its as easy as this:

=IMAGE('stick your URL here eg')

Maybe you will also need to pre-pend the HTTPS: protocol in front of Bubble’ URLS that are missing the HTTPS protocol.

But as you said - function are not available with CSV format - you need your spreadsheet tool to interpret the URL as a displayable image.

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