Issue passing text into API Connector

Hey everyone!

I’m working with the CloudConvert API and am attempting to create jobs on their platform to combine PDF’s into a larger PDF. Essentially each file that I’m uploading is supposed to add a new item to the list in the API. I’m formatting the list items as text:

Screenshot 2021-04-20 110023

Screenshot 2021-04-20 105955

Here’s the API connector setup, which works when initialized:

When I this call in my workflow an error is returned essentially saying that the items are needed in order for the call to work. However, when I copy the values that the Workflow is pushing to the API Call from the server log and paste them as values for the body parameters in the API Connector, and re-initialize the API like this, the call works.

I’m very confused to say the least. Anyone have any ideas why the calls won’t work when the Workflow is pushing the text to them, but when I copy the exact text from the server logs into the API Connector it works perfectly?

Here’s what the workflow is pushing to the API Connector for reference:

Try to remove the space in task list. Set task_list instead

I changed the parameter names to not include spaces and that didn’t work :confused:

Maybe you could post to requestbin to test and check what is provided by Bubble to the requestbin endpoint and test one directly in the API Connector and compare both

Here’s what bubble is sending.

I’m definitely not an expert, but I’m guessing the API is having issues with the /n text items which I’ve learned is coming from a new line? Is that what you’d expect the issue to be? If so, do I just need to go in and make sure everything is going through on one “line” in the API call?

I removed those /n’s eliminating the new lines that were being created and it seems to be working now! Thanks for the advice @Jici you’re a rockstar.

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