Issue posting an XML(text/xml)


Not sure it’s a bug, hope someone can help

I am posting an XML(text/xml) via postman and got the following error message :
“Unexpected error, please try again shortly. (Reason: bal).”

It Works when the body is in JSON format but not XML.
What it is strange is that it detects datas when the Endpoint contains “/initialize”. But when I post without it, it shows the above error after loading for 10 or more seconds.

Does someone already experienced the same issue ?



When defining parameters by detecting the data, you must add /initialize at the end of the URL to trigger a request to the endpoint . Once the request is detected, you’ll be able to see the detected data and pick the data types. Learn more in our documentation here: Workflow API - Bubble Docs

Let us know if you have any further questions!

In addition If it can help others, please find bellow the answer of bubble bug support :

« Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the trouble with this.

Unfortunately, Bubble isn’t set up to directly parse XML like what you’re trying to send. You’ve got a couple of options I’d recommend considering here. One would be to pass the XML in as text and try to find a plugin that can assist with Parsing the XML once it’s made it to Bubble or, you could pass to another service first like Integromat that could do the parsing for you and then send things to Bubble in JSON format.

You can confirm the incompatibility here by noting that in the initialized types of the workflow, it only picked up your headers and wasn’t able to recognize any of the actual body of the call. »

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