[Resolved] Bubble API Connector: Can you pass XML in the POST body?

I’m pretty sure the answer to this is no (as the API Connector says the Body should be a JSON object), but I wanted to double check. I’m looking to connect to an API that requires passing xml-formatted data in the POST body. Is this a no-go with the Bubble API Connector? Is there any way around this?

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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I’ve gotten a chance to test this out and have had no problems passing xml data into the POST body. I’ll mark this as resolved - but if anyone has any further info regarding this I’d love to hear it!

@davidmccaslin I’m trying to do the same thing, mind sharing what you did?


Me too, and I am not having any success. Please share what you did and how you did it if possible.

Hi, as well , please share your work around. I’ve had the same problem Bubble support is looking at this as a feature request with lower priority as they’re dealing with more strategic items at this time. Any work around in the meantime would benefit the community

Thank you

Look this example. I did it yesterday. 100% working.