Issue related bonus of a referral system

I have created a website where i have two types of user one is freelancer and other is Restaurant.
user A is a freelancer who invited a restaurant to join the website.
Now I want that User A can earn a 20% referral bonus on the monthly subscription fee paid by a referred restaurant (user type) for a specified duration.
how to do that in

Not enough information. Are you using Stripe for payments? What is your current Data structure?

Option 1: Stripe connect which helps with any regulatory requirements

Option 2: Create referral link with parameter referrer. Freelancer can generate referral link where referrer parameter = this user’s unique ID

On the landing page, when Get data from page URL parameter referral’s not empty, make changes to current user and set current user’s referrerID to parameter referral’s value. Then do workflow when there is a subscription completed if refferer ID isn’t empty give credit to user with that referrer ID.

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