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Bubble API Connector | PayPal Set up the payment authorization

can anybody explain to me how I must make this API Call from PayPal by Bubble API Connector?

I have tried so many combinations of Authentications, Headers and Parameters by API Connector, but no one works correctly…

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Please share what you currently have + the error that gets returned. From there, it’ll be easier to help.

yea make your data: one long string and don’t include quotes before and after for your JSON body

ie: USER=user&PWD=pwd&SIGNATURE=merchant_sig&METHOD=SetExpressCheckout&etc

and make sure your content-type is application/x-www-form-urlencoded

I have already written a one long URL string with parameters.

But it doesn’t work. Response is:
paypal api response

But the response must be a token like “TOKEN=EC%2d2B984685J43051234”

I have try to make same API Call with Postman and the response is:


This isn’t going to work. You have to write that string in your json body

I have tried too, but it seems doesn’t to work correctly…

paypal api body2

Cuz you’re not keeping the format I gave you. It need to be one string. Do not format it like it’s Jason. Don’t include “ before or after either.

Just start typing in the body

And don’t press enter either to make line breaks just keep typing as if it’s one big string

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Thanks a lot @doug.burden ! It really works ! :+1:

I have received a token from PayPal in the little bit strange form like:

“body”: “TOKEN=EC%2d2MT47734GT691693H&TIMESTAMP=2023%2d01%2d31T16%3a38%3a23Z&CORRELATIONID=1120d6b96d656&ACK=Success&VERSION=86&BUILD=57992799”

Can you please explain is Data Type for this call must be Text and Body Type = JSON?

If I understand correctly - now I must extract in Bubble Workflow a TOKEN with REGEX, because I need to have only a TOKEN for next step (open PayPal URL with TAKEN).

Yea, it’s urlencoded content-type that’s why you format it this way

I might be wrong but leave the token as is