Issue when editing a record with a dropdown element

Hi all. Please find a link here to a Loom video explaining my problem with using the dropdown element.


Hi there, @myholidayguide… if I have understood your video correctly, you should be able to achieve the desired result by moving the search from the Placeholder to the Default value for the dropdown. Also, you probably shouldn’t need to do a search, but rather reference the current thing’s category instead.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Mike.
I have tried that but it’s throwing an error - see screenshot

In reading the ref material it says that the default value has to be the same type as the type of choices. As the choices is an option set and the default value os from the database is this causing an issue?

I did also try adding :first item, etc to see if that fixed it


What is the field type of the Category field? I assume it’s not tied to the option set, right?

When you create a new record, the Category saves the selected dropdown option. It’s saved as a text field.
So in this (edit record) screen it is displaying the Category that has been saved.

Is your category a list of a thing?

No, it’s just a text field.

The original category set (when you create a new record) is a Option set

What does the issue checker tell you the issue is?

Ah, there we go… it’s a text field, but the field type should be set to the option set. I have this same set up in a few apps, and it works like a charm. You will need to delete your Category field and create a new one and set its field type to the option set.

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Untitled 3

Yup! Just as I suspected- @mikeloc solved it!

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Ah ha. Ok. Does an option set field type allow you to save just one (or more) options?

Just trying it. So I create a field type that is the option set I am using?

Yup, select the option set for the field type. If you need to be able to save more than one option, make the field a list.

Understood. I’ll give that a go.

Thanks both

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That works. Just need to flow the changes through now…

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