Issue with 'Building your first Bubble workflow' tutorial

I’m working my way through the tutrial videos and the ‘Building your first Bubble workflow’ video throws up issues when I follow it verbatim.

The video instructs you to create an ‘input’ to capture an email but when I try to configure the workflow for the subsequent button in the way the video shows Bubble says there’s an issue “Sign the user up: Email should be a text but right now it is a element”?

In fact after completing the video I have three issues all related.

I have started from scratch several times and keep finding the same issues.

Can you share a screenshot of your issue? If I had to guess, here’s what’s happening:

You named the input “Email.”
In the workflow, you are setting the value to be equal to “Email”
If this is true, “Email” is just referencing the input field itself, which is an element.
What you need is “Email’s value,” which is a text

A screenshot of the workflow with the red text would help.

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Hi Andrew, thanks for this. I zoomed in on the video and it does indeed select 's value. Wasn’t in the text but I’ll know for next time.

Thanks for the help

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Glad I could help. There will be lots of those little moments throughout your Bubble journey. Keep with it!

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