Email Element value not possible to put in State

I have a workflow with only this:

The workflow will not execute when ProspectMail is en Email Element (Text Element set to email). However, the workflow will run when the ProspectMail is a normal Text Element.

My use case is to let the user click a button and get “” added to the email field.

I think that it may be related to invalid data. Because user only set the first part of email, bubble will consider data as invalid.

Seems true(!) Thnx! Interesting Bubble will not run the workflow based on one “invalid” Action.

I solved it setting the field to text and having a hidden field set to email and Initial content = the first field, and then save this hidden field.

I’m not sure the workflow doesn’t run, but I think that the data doesn’t store (like if there’s no data). Did you test in step-by-step mode to see if the workflow trigger?

Did that. It doesn’t run.

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