Are you guys seeing this bug?

Here in the attached images, the yes/no is clearly showing no for 3 items. However, it is reading as Yes and thus clearing the filtered condition. Is this a bug?

Counting yes/no values just counts the number of values (regardless of whether they are yes or no)…

So there are 2 yes/no values, hence why the yes/no count is more than 0.

If you want to only count those with a specific value (either yes or no) you’ll need to use a filter.

Hi @dojin23 ,
Better to use “:filter” function instead of “Show on proposal? is Yes” and like,

“Show on Proposal?” = “Yes” (:filter:count > 0) and check the count > 0

Thank you guys for the tip!

Can you guide me how I can do this through filtering? I feel like I am getting close!

sorry I forgot to reply to you. Could you see my response above?

try like above

You are an angel. Thank you so much!!

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