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Issue with database, for a client management system-type app, but not sure what the issue is

Hi Everyone,

First off, super chuffed to be part of the Bubble community, as I’ve been singing the apps praises for a while now.

I have zero technical background, and the closes to an technical sense is self-teaching myself UI design via Figma (which was a key point in making me try bubble).

Anyways in short, I’m trying to create a client management system, whereby customers can first sign up themselves, and then create profiles for their clients for them to log into their system via a separate mobile app. On the app is a dashboard with cards representing all the clients and showing data like client image, name, metrics and small graph that’s an indicator of last 7-days data.

For a while, I was having the issue in Bubble of how to create users that can also be admin and create other clients to, but assumed I’d finally solved it maybe, but not sure anymore. I tried to create the client DB separately from the user-customer DB, but was having issues putting them into the workflow, so put them along with the user profile DB (currently don’t have any screenshots as my surface pro laptop button is broken).

I thought I’d solved it, but now I’m in the dashboard summary page that represents all clients on a card, I now can’t seem to connect the elements to the client data. I suspect it’s the structure of my database (which is the area I’ve struggled with the most), but as it’s my first time ever doing such a thing, I can’t tell where the fault is.

Apologies, haven’t been able to join any bootcamps, simply due to time constraints, so been dedicated to just learning on my own and through videos.