Issue with Displaying Data Based on Conditional Privacy Rules

Hello everyone,

I’m currently developing a landing page generator and have encountered an issue with privacy rules and dynamic data display that I hope to get some insight on.

Context: Each user can create a landing page that includes various details they can choose to show or hide from the public view. These details are controlled by individual ‘show’ fields (e.g., ‘showDetailA’ is a yes/no field in the database).

Problem: When the ‘isPublic’ field for a landing page is set to ‘yes’, all details with ‘show’ set to ‘yes’ should be visible to anyone, including unauthenticated users. However, the data isn’t displaying as expected.

What I’ve Done So Far:

  • Configured privacy rules to allow visibility of each detail when the corresponding ‘show’ field is ‘yes’.
  • Ensured that the main ‘isPublic’ field is ‘yes’ for the page to be publicly accessible.

The Challenge:

  • Even with ‘isPublic’ set to ‘yes’ and ‘showDetailA’ also set to ‘yes’, the detail isn’t visible on the public version of a given landing page for unauthenticated users.
  • It seems that the privacy rules aren’t functioning as intended or there might be a conflict I’m not seeing.

I’ve run multiple tests and can’t seem to pinpoint the problem. Has anyone here worked through a similar issue or can spot what might be going wrong from an outside perspective?

I appreciate any suggestions or advice you can provide. Thank you for your help!

I finally found this post. New(ish) to Bubble and not seeing user data you are expecting to see? - Tips - Bubble Forum

I think it’s the default privacy rule on user data.

If yes I will share here and also explain what rules I still implemented on landing page data type to make my app secure.

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