Issue with Draggable Elements Plugin - "Drop area has a group dropped in it" Trigger Not Showing Up

Hello everyone,

I’m currently building an app and I’m using the Draggable Elements plugin for I am following a guide on how to use this plugin (the Trello clone guide on Bubble’s website), but I seem to have hit a roadblock. The workflow trigger “Drop area has a group dropped in it” is not showing up in my options.

Sequence of steps:

  1. Installed the Draggable Elements plugin.

Despite following the guide, the workflow trigger “Drop area has a group dropped in it” is not appearing as an option.

I’m not receiving any specific error messages. The issue is that the expected trigger simply isn’t available for selection.

Troubleshooting steps attempted so far:

  1. Reinstalled the plugin twice
  2. Restarted my browser
  3. Restarted my computer

None of the above steps resolved the issue.

Has anyone else encountered this problem, or does anyone have suggestions on what might be going wrong and how to fix it?

Did you add a Drop Area to the page? Only after adding this element to the page, the trigger “Drop Area has a group dropped in it” becomes available.

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Thanks for the tip, it worked! Appreciate the help!