Issue with Dynamic Dropdowns

I have an issue with dynamic dropdowns. In my case I have two dropdowns (category and services) and when a user is setting a value for the first one (category) it changes the list of options of the second one (services). The issue is that, unless you click outside of the dropdown before choosing a value for the second one it displays the whole list. It behaves like it does not refresh untill you click outside of the dropdown before selecting the second dropdown.

Do you think there is a way to solve this?

Thanks a lot.

Haven’t tried but can you do a workflow of, when element is changed, set focus to, the other drop down?

Yes, I agree that would be the most likely way to make it work. Use a workflow on the first drop down days changing to drive data in the second.

I don’t think that will help. The problem is not the focus-off and focus-on the element but actually the drop-down choices take time to populate with the new dynamic data. I have been facing this problem since day one on bubble, other websites i look at use a loading animation giving time for the drop-down data to be refreshed.

What the gif below. If you give the drop box enough time it will load the correct data

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Thanks Ali, I came to the same conclusion and tried to put a warning message to earn some loading time but wasn’t very user friendly!

So, I guess there’s no real solution to this as it is just a matter of speed.

Thanks anyway!

Hey @nicolaschanton i hope there is, i was actually putting this off for a while. I have even tried to use a search box but faced similar results. The only solution i can think off is to have a loading event here that will allow us to disable or hide the drop-down while its loading.

Another solution for the @Bubble team add a loading icon for the drop-downs and search box.


I have been facing the same issue. Did anyone happen to find a solution to dropdown loading speed?

@AliFarahat - did you figure out a way to optimize this UX? Thanks.

No unfortunately nothing. I did, however, notice that bubble better handles this type of things now. Another workaround (thinking of the top of my head is to have the entire tale loaded as a custom state and then filtering the results accordingly. This will be much faster (but of course you have to do the initial load which will take time)


Epic idea for the custom state. I am going to try that now and let you know if I feel a performance increase.

What might look cool is to have the drop downs directly over each other, stacked in order of the first to be used, the use MoveIt! so as a user makes a choice the number 2 drop down slides out from under it then 3 and so on…

Loading the data (in my case a list and a Do a Search merged) into a Custom State list worked out to be exponentially faster on the UX side. I couldn’t tell the difference on the page loading side, so I am really loving this approach! Thanks @AliFarahat - great idea!