Dropdown and Search box require selection twice

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I’ve been perplexed by this odd behavior when using dropdowns and search boxes within a group. I have a situation where (within a group) I use a dropdown to select a “choice” from the database. The containing group is of type “choice” and I set it’s value to the value of the dropdown. When I select the dynamic option the box looses focus and the input is reset, without the result being passed to the group.

This does not happen for search boxes or dropdowns when
a) the choices are static; or
b) the containing group’s type is not set equal to the contents of the drop down / search box.

While I could rather reference the dropdown / searchbox directly every time I need to work with the “choice” object I find it more convenient to store in a parent container and reference the “parent’s thing”.

I have recreated the behavior in the attached editor. Would be interested to get anyone’s thoughts. Thanks so much.


I spent some time taking a look at this and couldn’t figure it out, and haven’t come across that myself either. It might be a bug. If you need to use that type of behaviour, a workaround might be to “Display data” on the group when the input is changed. Another option would be to set states on the group, or page (I prefer page to keep everything tidy).

I experience similar behavior when i use my category search in my application.

I have two drop downs, one with a category, one with a sub category. The sub category dropdown gets dynamic data from the category dropdown, and it takes a few clicks (including clicking off of the drop down itself) before it populates with data from it’s dynamic source.

This doesnt solve your problem but i’d thought i’d jump on the train of roasting dropdowns in bubble :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input guys. For the moment I will stick to using a custom state as a workaround, thanks @mattb .

@cmccray have you tried storing the result of “category” in a custom state (i.e. variable) then pulling your input for “sub category” from the custom state value instead of directly from the “category” dropdown? This logic worked as a workaround in my case.

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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