Issue with GET Request Requiring JSON Body

I am experiencing an issue while making an API call in my Bubble application.

The error message I encountered is as follows:

Plugin server side action console output
START RequestId: e3651254-a696-4495-9d1e-8626e7f14884
Version: $LATEST
ERROR Erro ao processar a solicitação: TypeError: Request with GET/HEAD method cannot have body.
at Object.fetch (node:internal/deps/undici/undici:11576:11)
at async fetchEtiquetas (eval at build_function (/var/task/util/util_harness.js:38:12), <anonymous>:34:22)
at async /var/task/plugin_api_v4_alpha.js:198:29
at async harness (/var/task/harness.js:115:15)
at async /var/task/harness.js:154:64
at async withGlobalHandlers (/var/task/harness.js:66:10)
at async Runtime.myHandler [as handler] (/var/task/harness.js:154:10)
END RequestId: e3651254-a696-4495-9d1e-8626e7f14884
REPORT RequestId: e3651254-a696-4495-9d1e-8626e7f14884
Duration: 620.61 ms
Billed Duration: 621 ms
Memory Size: 128 MB
Max Memory Used: 97 MB

I am attempting to make a GET request that requires a JSON body, and it seems like the Bubble platform is throwing a “Request with GET/HEAD method cannot have body” error. This limitation is preventing me from accessing the required data through the API.

I would appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue or providing guidance on how to work around it, as making a GET request with a JSON body is essential for my application’s functionality.

You should consoder sending the data as query string

Thanks for the response. However, the third-party development company requires sending a JSON body in the GET request. I managed to do it via Postman, but not with Bubble. I’m trying to develop a plugin, but I’m still getting this error. Below is the JSON from the plugin and the editor:

async function fetchEtiquetas(properties, context) {
try {
const formato = properties.formato;
const apiKey = properties.authorization;
const idsVendas = properties.idsVendas;

// Codifique o JSON como uma string
const jsonData = JSON.stringify({
  idsVendas: idsVendas

const myHeaders = new Headers();
myHeaders.append("Content-Type", "application/json");
myHeaders.append("Accept", "application/json");
myHeaders.append("Authorization", `Bearer ${apiKey}`);
myHeaders.append("Cookie", "PHPSESSID=e7hud62kcmjil0gb3fgv08n2ie");

const requestOptions = {
  method: 'GET',
  headers: myHeaders,
  body: jsonData, // Coloque o JSON no corpo da solicitação
  redirect: 'follow'

const url = `${formato}`;

const response = await fetch(url, requestOptions);

if (response.ok) {
  const result = await response.json();
  if ( && > 0) {
    const link =[0].link;
    return link; 
  } else {
    console.error('Nenhum resultado encontrado');
} else {
  console.error('Erro na requisição:', response.status, response.statusText);

} catch (error) {
console.error(‘Erro ao processar a solicitação:’, error);

as you can see from the error, and easily search on internet, fetch does not support a body in GET requests.
If you need it you may want to search for another http client library that you can import in your server action.

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