Issue with merging lists


I am keeping a list of objects in a state of one of my elements. Objects have (amongst others) fields “is_test” (boolean" and creator (system field).

Based on this I wish to create two different lists depending on some conditions:
List A: get all elements where is_test is not Yes (in case there are some elements, here the flag is not settled up)
List B: get all elements where is_test is not yes and elements where is_test = true AND creator = current user

List A works fine (it is just a matter of filtering the initial list

I am trying to use merge to create list B, but it doesn’t work:

As per specification, as the result, I should get the list of unique elements from both lists, but instead, I am getting only elements from the list that is defined as the second one and all rows from the first list (the one before “merged with”) are ignored.

Seems to be a bad condition on the first filter. lletters name contains {empty)
I’d recommend taking a look at it.

Or try marking ‘ignore empty constraints’ on the first filter if this condition is not critical.

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this one is fine and I have checked “ignore empty constrains”.

I have other theory: my understand was that I will merge two filtered lists, but I have realised that system might go in a different way:
filter first list, merge with second list, apply second filtering on the merged list.
This would be inline with what I see as a result

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