List filter constraint a, OR list filter constraint B


At the moment, when we add contraints to a list filter (or a search for…), the constraints are AND’ed with each other.

this means that ALL contraints need to be satisfied in order to get a result.

the below example will return all results where both RepAgenti = yes AND RepAreamanager = yes.


It would be awesome to have an option to put the constraints in OR with each other. I’d like the list filter to return all results that have RepAgenti = yes OR RepAreamanager = yes.

this is a feature that would help in a huge number of different situations.

I know there are workarounds for this, but it would be much cleaner to have an official Bubble feature.


Hi @mirco, do you mind sharing some of the work arounds you’ve found? I’m having the same issue.

that depends on your use case and type of data; but the most common is a combination of “ignore empty constraints” with conditionals.

in some instances I had to load the full dataset as a local state, and manipulate it using workflows. this is much more complicated and not recommended unless absolutely necessary.

You can filter each list separately and then use the “:merge with” operator in the repeating group you are using to display the lists.


hid you have an example of this