Weird problem with List filter

I’ve encountered some strange behaviour that looks like a bug to me.

I’m adding a filter to my datasource, and I wanted to create multiple constraints. As you can see in this video, the first contraint goes in without issue. When I try to add another constraint, I am unable to click on the + to add a dynamic value, but I’m also unable to delete text if I type it in. It appears that the constraint blocks the system at that point.

2024-01-14 12.18.09

Disable new expression. composer (lab icon on the element), report to Bubble and try again.

As a side note, you definitely don’t need :filtered :filtered :filtered :filtered :filtered :sorted - you can do all of that in one filter…

I was testing things, hence all the filters, however… I still have 3:

1- Server side filter tied to a search box for selecting the Account
2- Client side (advanced filter) tied to checkboxes for roles
3- Client side (advanced filter) tied to input field to search for name, surname, email, id.

While 2 and 3 could be merged, it is a pain to edit expressions that change during development, even with the new editor.

Does merging 2 and 3 actually make a difference in performance?

Turning off the new expression editor works, thank you. I’ll report the bug.

Also, the constraints if I understand, are additive. In a text search I want to return any record that contains the text in any of the fields. Hence I concat them on the client and then use contains. If I put multiple server side “contains” they would be treated as all of them being needed (no way to say “or”). Am I missing something?

I’d assume so because you’re running two distinct filters in sequence rather than in parallel but maybe Bubble merges them behind the scenes…

Any fields contains keywords is what you’re looking for as the search constraint. Any fields appears where the field normally appears.

Thank you very much for your help today. I combined all but one of the filters into a server side, with the sort, and it works well. I created a backend workflow to make a search field, and contains works very well.

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