Issue with popup / display data

I had a quick question - not sure if anyone can help.

I am seem to be having issues when it comes to loading a dynamic image into a popup. Let me explain my situation.

  1. A user, presses an image which is located in a repeating group.
  2. It loads a popup and the image is enlarged.

At the moment I am trying to do this, but when the user presses the image it does load the popup but the image is wrong for about a second and then it loads the correct one into the popup.

Please see the attached screenshots let me know if you need anything else

Hey @mattbubble :wave:

Maybe try resetting the popup for the first step, or when the popup is closed. There is an action for ‘reset data in group/popup’ that you should be able to use.

Let me know if that works for you. :blush:

Also, ‘display data’ could also come before ‘showing the popup’ as well. Might help for an extra split second.

Thanks so much! Life Saver

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