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Trouble showing image from repeating group to an image popup

so i was looking for the solution for my problem but it seems i’m doing everything the way it should.

What i want to do is when the image in the repeating group is clicked, a popup will apear with the image.

here are screenshots of all the steps i did. can someone tell me what i’m doing wrong?

  1. this is the current cell’s image -

  2. This is the popup which is set to be an image

  3. This is the workflow -

  4. this is another step in the workflow to show the popup

  5. This is the result in the preview - blank popup:

  6. and this is the error message in the inspector:
    note: the image of this element has been modified by an action, the data source property above is therefore not applied

What am i doing wrong? where is my mistake?

Do you have an image element in the popup, or have you set the popup’s background to an image?

I suspect you may have misunderstood the Display data action. This only loads the data (in this case the URL of the image as text) to the popup, but it doesn’t actually show anything. Setting the popup’s data type to image just means it’s storing the image URL.

Apologies if I’m pointing out obvious things, but not knowing your skill level, that was my guess.

As for the warning, that’s really just FYI for the debugger. Since an action has modified the data source, the debugger may show the incorrect source. It’s not related to why your image isn’t showing.

No need to apologize.
I’m a total nubby to Bubble.

solved it - i inserted an image to the popup and set it to show the parent group’s image.


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Awesome :slight_smile:

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