Display data in popup from repeating group

I’m trying to display data in a popup from a specific cell in a repeating group but it’s currently displaying all cells data. How can I fix that?

Hi there,

Does this expression remain red? And if so, what error are you getting?


Yes it remains red and I don’t know how to check for errors. sorry I’m still a little new to bubble.

No apologies necessary! We all had to start somewhere (as a beginner just like you).

In your Bubble editor, along the top header, you should see a bar that looks like this, and the Issues are listed in the Issue button (where it says ‘1 issue’ in my screenshot):

When you click it, you’ll see a list of issues to address:


So this message will show when the data type you are sending is not the same as what you’re sending it to. In this instance, it looks like you’re sending text to a popup set to receive a Job. Try setting the popup datatype to text and see if that works.

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That worked! When the pop-up opens it has only that cells note but now when I change the note it doesn’t update the note it just creates an entire new note.

I didn’t find away to update it but I found a work around. Basically adding a new one and deleting the old one. Thank you so much for your help.

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Exactly what I was going to suggest! Great work!!

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