Issue with Storing Multiple 'Yes' Values in database


I am seeking help with a specific issue I’m facing in my Bubble application regarding updating lists in the database, especially when dealing with ‘yes’ values.

My use case:

  • Existing Database Record: I have a database field set up to store a list of boolean (yes/no) values. This field already contains some ‘yes’ values.
  • Workflow for Modification: My goal is to add more ‘yes’ values to this existing list. I have set up a workflow that, upon a certain trigger (like a button click or checkbox check), should add another ‘yes’ to this list.
  • Unexpected Behavior: Despite the workflow being triggered, the additional ‘yes’ values are not being added to the list. It seems as if the database is ignoring these new additions.
  • Workflow Setup: The workflow is designed to modify the existing record by adding to the list field. I’m using the “Modify a thing” action followed by “Change another field” where I attempt to add the new ‘yes’ value.

Attempted Solutions:

  • I have checked to ensure the workflow is correctly configured to add and not replace values in the list.
  • I’ve also used Bubble’s debugger to step through the workflow, but the issue persists.

I’m not sure if this is a limitation with handling boolean values in Bubble or if there’s an error in my workflow setup. Any insights, suggestions, or solutions from the community would be greatly appreciated!

Why do you want a list of yes/nos? This is almost certainly not the right way to go about doing it (I can think of a very narrow set of use cases)

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You can’t add something to a list if the list already contains it… (at least, not via a workflow action)

So if your list already contains one ‘yes’ then you can’t add any more yeses to it.

That said, I’m not sure what use a list of yes/no is anyway…

Whatever you’re trying to do, I’m certain there are better ways to do it that a list of yes/nos.