Idea: Assign checkbox current value to YES/ NO field

Bubble is an easy no code tool but when it comes down to CheckBox value it gets unnecessarily tricky (my opinion) if you are creating a new record (Create New Thing).

In the Create New Thing you should be able to Assign a YES/NO field in your database to a Checkbox WhateverName’s value. Just like you can with other fields.

The way I do this now is have two workflow items. Each with one conditional, if checked then assigned YES and if unchecked assigned NO.

Perhaps there is a reason why it isn’t this way? Is there a specific reason why this was not implemented in this way from the beginning?

Sure would make it more intuitive to new users.


You can also use a custom state to assign a YES/NO value (or any value) to checkboxes.

Yea this was hard to figure out, for those new to Bubble and wanting a solution, here was my fix:

First off, I made one checkbox and had it default to “yes” and the label says “Yes (uncheck if no)”

The workflows are triggered when a button is clicked that does some other things. ‘Result of step 1’ is when it created an original listing. Then the following 2 workflows ‘Make changes to a thing…’ and that thing being what was created in step 1. The 2 workflows assign values to the ‘yes / no’ database boolean with each being conditional on whether or not the box is checked.

I tested it for both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ cases and they showed up in the database correctly. Happy not-coding.