Issue with Stripe plugin. Promotional code not working on checkout. Action "Charge the current user"

Promotion codes during checkout are not working.
The checkbox that allows to use them is checked.
I set up the promo codes on Stripe Dashboard, and they’re not working both on test and live modes.

If you ever faced such experience with Stripe plugin, please share how you solved the problem

Hi there @evgenia.hrytsenko,

I’ve noticed that with promo code, you can’t do 100% off. I’m not sure why, maybe @tj-bubble can help answer that?

Hi @johnny, just checked it, you’re right. It works with 90% discount.
But the point is that I need 100% discount for testing purposes, to test live payments.
Don’t you know any possibility to test live payments in Stripe? Without actually spending money from your card :sweat_smile:

That’s interesting, I hadn’t thought about that before. Considering this is in Stripe’s checkout screen and a stripe error, I’m guessing it’s not a Bubble restriction but a Stripe one, though I didn’t see in their documents where you can’t have 100% off coupon’s, and apparently they let you set it up.

If you think I’m incorrect about it not being a Bubble issue, you can submit a ticket and we can take a closer look.


I think you are correct about this. It looks like Stripe doesn’t support 100% off.

@evgenia.hrytsenko, I would recommend handling it on your app level.

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My understanding is that Stripe Checkout requires a $5 minimum. So you could probably use a 99% off code for anything over $500. (Otherwise you could try testing with free trial periods instead of discounts.)