Promo codes not working with Stripe plugin

“Allow promotion codes” is on but at checkout no code I use works. It always says its invalid.

Is this a bug?

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Replying here and bringing in this post (Stripe Promo Code Invalid?).

Looking at the below (Add discounts for one-time payments with Checkout | Stripe Documentation), it won’t work if you’re trying to make a discount for the entire amount (ie make the product free; £30 with a £30 discount code = £0)

What I’ve done is taken off most of the charge, which allows the code to work. Not ideal though as now they still to pay something. Going to hunt around a bit and see; ideally I don’t mind covering that small balance for my alpha users. Anyone got any ideas?


@artistdata22 @mzumbro FYI

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Hi All.

I’m having the “Invalid Code” issue right now. I see a few threads where this hasn’t been resolved. I’m not trying to discount 100%, i’m trying with 5%. I’ve added the code in Stripe and flipped on the Allow Promotion Codes tick box in Bubble. I’ve only tested this in test, I’m curious if it would work fine in Live. Any suggestions would be helpful! I don’t have the code applied to any specific product in Stripe because I don’t manage my products in Stripe.