Issues adding multiple values to a list, are duplicates impossible?

Hi there,

I’m having trouble adding values to a list. I am modifying 4 values in this workflow:

^ When someone submits a comment, the value of the message is added as the Comment, the current user is added as the Comment_Submitter, and isCustomer tracks if the user is logged in. This is built so I can just have a repeating group of Comments and Comment_Submitters, pretty straightforward

However, when I look at my database after adding 4 test comments, there are fewer values for some of the fields:

^ The Comment values are correct, but there is only 1 Comment_Submitter and 2 isCustomer values.

The only conclusion I can think of is there are no duplicate values allowed in a list. Is this the case? Is there a workaround?

Bubble tables treat arrays of things more like a set than an array.

Also, If you took a short tour thru the forum history, you’d see this issue mentioned many times over. Pretty sure I have a post sometime back about this too!

Yeah I just looked around the forums, seems like a common issue. That’s annoying, thanks for the heads up

Based on your data structure you may find it better to throw those data into a new table instead.

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