Issues in connecting Bubble with Quickbooks using API Connecter

Hello. I have been trying to connect to Quickbooks by using the API call from Bubble and fetch the various data points from there. The most common example is to fetch various data points from the balance sheet report, and various data points from profit & loss report. But, I am having issue connecting to Quickbooks. I want bubble to automatically fetch the access token whenever needed (if it expires, automatically generate and fetch the new one) and dynamically get the company id to populate the data specific to that company.
Here is a insight of my API Connecter setup. But I do not know where I am going wrong and what fields are necessary.

Can anyone help me out?

This plugin makes it easy to setup a workflow for refreshing the token QuickBooks Authenticate Plugin | Bubble

Hey @shpak.serhiy, Thank you for recommending the plugin but since I am only developing this app for the testing purposes inly for now, so I don’t want to use the paid plugin version for now. Once, I run and successfully test this app then I can move onto using the paid version of the plugin. So for now, I want to stick to the Bubble API Connector. If you can help me in that regard it would be very helpful. Thank you!!

You could try Pathfix - they have a free version for testing purposes :slight_smile:

Quickbooks has a special page in the developer section where you can generate all tokens manually. Can’t say the exact link now. If you have an account at Quickbooks you could find it.

The token expires every hour - so you would need to update it manually. But for the testing/development purposes it could be ok.

Thank you so much for the response. I found a way to manually generate the token and test my app that it is getting the values.

However, I want to play around this bubble platform and see how things work. So, I am trying to make the connection using the Bubble API Connector and without having the need to manually refresh and enter the access token.

I want this procedure to be automated in the Bubble API Connector.