Issues saving the current time and date

Hello, thank you fore taking the time to read this. I am having an issue with some data thing. I have one button that runs two workflows depending on if a value is yes or no. if the value is no on first press the value is changed to yes and a new data thing is created with a value of yes. On second press the button will change the first yes/no value to no and edit the data thing that value = yes. This workflow works but only when it wants to. It seem to save the first time / date on the first press but in the second press doesn’t always save the second time or date.

Example of what is happening:

Workflow for first press:

Workflow for second press:

Site is on ‘Everyone can view’:

Press the on/ off duty button which will take you to the workflow or look for the two blue workflows.

Hi there, @KDenv01… if I understand your post correctly, I think you need to add another constraint on the search you are showing for the second blue workflow, and that constraint would be Created By = Current User. Again, if I am understanding things correctly, that search currently finds the first active Shift Timer and makes changes to it regardless of whether or not it belongs to the current user, and I think that might explain why it works “only when it wants to” because it probably does get the right record sometimes.

Anyway, want to add that constraint and see if you get the desired result?

Hope this helps.


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Hello Mikeloc. Thank you for a fast such a response! Can’t believe I didn’t think of that!

I will have the active users test this!

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