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Issues with list

Hello everyone,
I am currently on version 15 of bubble. There happens to be an issue with the add/add list/set list method to create a new data thing. I want to add a list of text, but there happen to be an issue, I can only add those values in a comma separated manners instead of it behaving like an array previously.

I have also reviewed tutorial on the internet, just to confirm that this is actually a bug produced from the bubble side.

Below is the screenshot

This one is from different page of my app currently on live version, seems to be working, but if i tried to change it to add/add list, it will display error. If I try to set it back to set list by selecting the dynamic variable dropdown unless I undo. then it is ok
Bubble bug 2

What I want is something like this.
bubble bug 3

currently styck with this as i cannot use add/set list.
bubble bug 4

This will affect app development as i want to use ‘is in’ to filter other stuff later on.

Any help is kindly appreciated.

That’s quite strange.
Looks like it is converting that list to a single comma separated text.
Try adding :convert to list at the end of the list expression as a workaround?

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Hi @blurapps. thanks for the suggestions, but I did not find that option. But it did lead me to found the actual solutions. Apparently when switching between add and add lists/set list, the dynamic data link part seems to be broken. just need to reselect the dynamic data part and my app is working. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

Have a nice day.

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