Multiple app-breaking bugs due to values not updating


We’ve gotten multiple reports by our users that our webapp is malfunctioning. This seems to happen quite often for different periods of time, during which the bugs are reproducible as well.

What seems to be happening is dynamic values (based on a thing’s data) are not updating when the data is modified via backend workflows.

For example:

  1. A user has “text1” saved as a text field value, which displays on the website and controls conditionals.
  2. Backend workflow triggered to modify the text, so that it now displays “text2”.
    3a) EXPECTED: The text is now “text2”, which displays on the website and conditionals based on the text value are affected.
    3b) CURRENT: The text is still treated as “text1” by our website. Meaning both displayed text and conditionals (etc), still think the text is “text1”.

We’ve sent a bug report and are talking with support, but this doesn’t seem to be a known issue, and there are no clear ways to fix it.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues? For us, this is really breaking the app UX. And since it seems to happen on Bubble’s end, we can’t really do anything to fix it (except potentially moving all of our backend workflows to page-level, which would take massive time).


This periodically happens in our app as well and I’ve never been able to figure out why. I’ve spoken at length with Bubble support but because the issue comes and goes they never seem to be able to reproduce it. I think it’s probably some kind of server overload issue, so I’m hoping when we eventually go to a dedicated plan we won’t have to worry about it.

Uhh… that’s not good. You probably tried a ton of steps to troubleshoot but I can’t help myself:

  • is that text1 by any chance in a state of an element?
  • any chance the item is being saved and then immediately modified again? I’ve had in the past that where I made a “typo” in my conditions which kept reverting what I just saved.
  • timing issue? Bubble’s order of operation might be a bit counterintuitive.
  • privacy issue?

Would you mind sharing the workflow where you’re experiencing this issue?

Ouf, yea okay, sucks that it seems to happen to more people but it can’t be mapped out by Bubble.

Have you yourself figured out if this affects both backend workflows AND page-specific workflows? We have not been able to test it enough to come to a clear conclusion.

Thanks for sharing!

Those are good target areas, but unfortunately I don’t believe they’re causing the issues in our case.

The frustrating thing about what we’re facing is that these backend workflows have been running flawlessly for months (and are right now). But then we hit these random patches of time where the page does not update with the proper information from the database.

More explicitly:

  • Not dependent on states (unless actively set by another workflow on the page). The failed data read is for direct text/info reads for elements on the page and for direct fetches from the database (e.g. workflow step 3 runs if User’s text = text2).
  • I think we’ve all had this happen at some time or another haha, but unfortunately it is not the case for our current issues. Again, the workflows/reads usually work without issues in the exact same testing parameters/scenario.
  • Affected backend workflows are “standalone” and not dependent on other workflows that trigger simultaneously.
  • No privacy restrictions on any modified data type with the current issues.

Regarding sharing the workflow: it seems to happen to any backend workflow that modifies data that then needs to be read on the page again. However, only during limited time durations.

Intuitively, it feels as if this is caused either by restriction of server juice at peak times (as @aj11 mentioned) and/or some sort of capacity optimization infrastructure from Bubble’s side that sets dynamic values as static until they’re modified by workflows (but fails to recognize this happening when the workflow is backend). But of course - hard to know :man_shrugging:

Yeah, there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to when it occurs. It definitely is not a configuration issue on our end because it happens completely randomly for like an hour or two every few weeks and then goes back to working fine again. It was getting pretty bad for us about six months ago and seemed to be happening at the same time every day, but it resolved itself and hasn’t happened again until a couple of nights ago.

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