Issues with Popups

All of the sudden pop-ups on our app stopped working. Nothing is opening. Is anyone else experiencing any issues or is this isolated to just us?

Seems specifically related to pop-ups housed within Reusable Elements.

Yes, I can confirm this bug!!!

Me either, no popups!!!

Yes, having the same issue, as well.

I can confirm, only popups nested in reusables

I have submitted a bug report.

another case where Bubble is not testing before pushing updates

Same here.

However, there’s no release on the release page. I hate seeing things break yet no official update…

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Bubble does this all the time, unfortunately. Move fast and break things is the philosophy, apparently.

My guess is they pushed something at noon EDT (NY time), because my last popup success saved a new record at 11:53am EDT.

So is this still an issue? I haven’t come across it myself, but I’m starting a relatively new project with Bubble, these kinds of things make me question moving forward with Bubble…Did the issue with popups occur even without selecting to update the Bubble version?

Yes, no version change

That’s crazy scary…

I’ve submitted a ticket earlier today. They said they were investigating.

This kind of stuff is getting so old. I get downtime happens. I get bugs happen. But this is frustratingly frequent. And when you’re building and scaling apps in real-world environments, these little “oopsies” add up and cost real money to the businesses behind them.

Going on three hours now of lights out, business completely offline because of this.


Looks like a fix has been made. Awaiting for it to roll-out.

EDIT: Pops inside RE’s are now working for me again.

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Agreed. Updates are nice and all. But it should not be automatic. I’d be happier to update manually and find out there’s bugs and have an option to roll back.

I don’t care if there’s an minor update release everyday or minute, fixing tiny bugs. At least I’d know of it and have an option to adopt or roll back. I think it’s still a better experience for everyone. Bubble can send me annoying update emails or make it obvious on the editor how behind it is on updates.

The worse thing is when there’s an issue potential customers go on a website to use your webapp. Only to find that they can’t even potentially sign up because… A pop-up doesn’t occur. Really doesn’t give much confidence to the customer about moving forward. And I may not even be aware of the issue for however long the issue persists because I would assume if i left my project in working condition, it would remain in working condition.

I assume a great many people on bubble are building apps which serve businesses. So first, it would be negative effect on the app’s business, and their business customers and the customers of said business and so on.

Other than that, I appreciate Bubble and the capabilities it offers. But strongly suggest their team figure out a better way to handle this.


I second this. It impacted multiple of my apps. And I actually found that out because a client complained their app isn’t working. I also had a live demo of a different app with a client today. Thankfully I was able to circumvent the popup.

The risk that this sort of things poses to my business and start up is unimaginable.


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