Pop-ups invisible in design view

When I select a pop up in design mode to edit it, everything in the popup is invisible. If I preview the app it all runs normal. Makes it very hard to edit the popup. Yesterday it was all working fine. I may have changed a setting though.

I’m experiencing this as well, but it’s on ALL my pages and all elements. I submitted a bug report. If you navigate to a different page/reusable element, is anything rendering?

Edit: I initially thought this was related to me reverting to a previous version of the app, since it happened on the reload after I did the reversion. Maybe it’s not that narrow of a reason…

Yes seems like a bug with the popup element…same issue here

I’ve had the same thing happen with my page colours, if I set to Flat Colour and White for example then it shows like you gave, not all the time though… I put it down to all this continental heat!

@emmanuel just tagging just to maybe get you in on the conversation… i think maybe this should have been put in the “bugs” category…

Are you able to view normal (non-popup) elements if you navigate to another page/reusable? Once I do that, I can’t see anything on the page.

All of sudden… not changed a thing… 19 issues detected

Yes generally everything else looks and behaves as it should as far as I can see…just oddly the popup elements not showing and same occurrence in a re-usable if the element is set to pop-up.

Good point there, moved post to Bugs.

p.s. frontend of the popup all good to…

Same here. Suddenly it occured.

Same with mine, live version and preview no issues.

Just in case its not seen here in the Forum, I’ve just submitted a bug report.

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This is odd, seems to have affected a few groups on my app, not all.

But making a modification to the group e.g. ‘Collapse this element…’ then seems to bring the elements back onto the page/group


Having the same issue, all popups on all pages.

Something to do with this? [New Feature] Animations now work on popup, group, and group focus elements

Yep same suspicion too unfortunately.

Hey guys, sorry about the issues here – we’re investigating right now

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Guys Is it possible to revert to the previous version? This is really creating a lot off issues for me… Aren’t we supposed to upgrade a new version of bubble before it’s pushed?

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Yeah, what was the point of this feature, then? Now all our apps are facing issues.

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We’re currently pushing a fix.

The fix is live now, sorry about this guy.