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Issues with Responsive Menu - Bug?

I am trying to work on the responsive layout of my site but I am having issues with the menu. The formatting is off and it is hard for me to select options or make adjustments. Is this happening to anyone else?

Not happening to me. What browser, OS, and screen size are you using?

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Hey @sridharan.s, I’m using Chrome on a 13 inch Macbook Air. Just tried it in Safari though and it worked - weird I guess it just doesn’t work in Chrome?

I would have guessed the opposite, lol. I’m using Chrome on Windows with a 14" and it works well. Some have had layout issues with Safari occassionally, so surprised it’s Chrome that’s causing you trouble.

Probably useful to submit a bug to the bubble team just so they know what’s going on.

Glad you found a good work-around for now. Makes it much easier to use, I’m sure.

Ya same, I usually have issues with Safari instead of Chrome. I’ll go ahead and submit a bug report as well, thanks for the help!

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