Layout issue with Chrome

Hi there!

Am I the only one having a layout problem with Chrome? It was fine until yesterday and suddenly all my pages are messed up with items showing up staggered. All my pages are fixed width, and I didn’t change anything.

It’s fine in Safari. Only with Chrome.

Any ideas, suggestions?

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@dee Are you using any browser extensions on Chrome? You can check this page on incognito mode

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Thank you @neerja. I just tried incognito but get the same result :frowning:

@dee Thanks for checking. Please submit a bug report and our team will investigate.

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Thank you dear. Will do that right now :slight_smile:

Hi @dee, were you able to get this resolved?

I am encountering the same issue now.

Safari displays everything fine, as in the editor
Chrome is now jacked up with elements that used to be fine (and I never touched), and now are not.

Chrome messed up header:

Chrome messed up banner:

Safari header correct

Safari banner correct

There are more examples of this too, but this gives the gist. @neerja, tagging you so you’re aware.

@marktuff The fix for users a few months back was to clear cache and cookies in Chrome.

Hi @neerja, I tried this just now and it is still displaying incorrectly.

Should I file a bug report?

@marktuff Yes, thank you

Sent. Thanks.

Hey Mark, sorry for late reply. Was moving from US back to Switzerland :slight_smile: I had to clear cookies and cache, and it worked. Hope you find a solution fast.

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Hi Dee thanks for the response glad that worked!

Turns out I had too many layers of “fixed widths” so whenever I would have a fixed width on an element inside of a group that was also at fixed width or “max 100% width”, it created display issues.

When I removed the fixed width on the elements and only kept the group fixed, it solved the Chrome issues.

Weird, but it worked.