Issues with SendGrid API

Hi there!
Please help me understand the issue with sending a magic link through a dynamic SendGrid template.

  1. Firstly, I configured and tested the API connector — the SendGrid template was sent correctly with specific recipient’s email, recipient’s name, and link.
  2. Next, I set up dynamic variables in the API Connection request body and assigned Bubble variables to the value fields.
  3. After that, I configured the workflow where I used the standard Bubble action to create a magic link, selected “Just create link, don’t send email” and then the next action was to send an email via SendGrid API.
  4. In the API connector’s value, I selected the variable values:
  • Input Sign Up Email’s value — to substitute the recipient’s email from the sign-up form in the SendGrid template;
  • Input Sign Up Name’s value — to substitute the recipient’s name from the sign-up form in the SendGrid template;
  • Result of Step 1 Send magic login link — to substitute the magic login link from the standard bubble action into the SendGrid template.

But in the end, when testing the workflow, the email is not being sent. Can you advise what I’m doing wrong?

What error is your API call returning?