Sendgrid plugin Send Email workflow not working

I have the Sendgrid plugin installed, I have my API key connected, I have created a dynamic template in Sendgrid, am I am using the template ID in my workflow.

When I use the plugin SendGrid - Send Email in my workflow I cannot get the emails to send.

When I use the Bubble - Send Email in my workflow the emails are sent and they are using my SendGrid template.

I cannot determine why using the plugin workflow item is not working for me. I have wasted a couple days trying to figure this out. Please help if you can.

OK - No need to answer this question.

I got it to work but I had to set it up as an API workflow. I haven’t seen that mentioned anywhere and the option to Send Email through the SendGrid plugin shouldn’t be available as an option in the normal workflow section if it doesn’t work that way.

Can you explain how you were able to get that to work?

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