Issues with showing meals relating to cuisine on delivery app

Hi! This is an amateur question:

I am trying to build an app like DoorDash/Uber Eats. When a user clicks on a cuisine icon, I want the results to be restricted to that cuisine only. I have tried setting up “get type from URL” and in the workflow to have a key (see screenshots). When I click “Arabic” it only shows the text but the photos. Note: cuisines are part of restaurants and this page is displaying dishes (the template was designed to show restaurants, not dishes)

Please help a beginner :slight_smile:

Hello there! I noticed the title of your post was a URL, so I’ve changed it to what I believe to be your issue instead - but please let me know if this is an accurate assessment: “Issues with languages interpreted differently from URL”

My understanding in reading your post is you are sending data to the URL (a type of cuisine), and then using a condition to display a custom message in a text based around the type of cuisine) listed in the URL. This works except for when you use Arabic is the language. Is this correct?

Can you include screenshots of your actual website and how it looks when it’s working and when it’s not?

It’s actually simpler than that. It’s a restaurant delivery app. All what’s needed is to display the meals of a specific cuisine when that specific cuisine is clicked. Arabic is a cuisine here, not a language. When I click “Vegan”, it says “Delicious Vegan Nearby” but does not actually show only the vegan meals.

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Understood! I’m not in front of my laptop for a few days so I won’t have screenshots, but what you need to do is in your Repeating Group search settings, include a Filter of type Cuisine, but set it to Get Data from URL, parameter = “type” (to match what parameters you’re sending to the page).

Got it, thank you.
by repeting group search settings, do you mean the conditional section of the RG (The one showing the meals?)
If so, when I put the When “get type from page URL is not empty” - same as the one with the text, I got “Select a property to change” that showed data source, background style, ID attribute etc. Which should I choose?

Iam not sure if i understood your problem or no, but you want click on any icon, the result will be
“Delicious icon_name Nearby”

1- in type parameters, change current cell’s Cuision’s Slug
current cell’s Cuision’s name

so type = current cell’s Cuision’s name

2- go to Design and inside your conditional text, write these instructions
Delicious Get type from page URL Nearby

Hi Anas,
Thanks for responding!
That’s actually figured out. What I’m confused about is showing the meals related to the cuisine only. So when a customer clicks on “Asian” I want only Asian meals to show.
Thank you!!

Nice, you can:
1- create new page(called each_meal)

2- Check these links to make it like that in your project


how to click for each product or each meal and send data to another page to have more details
check design and workflows

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